Licia He

Shiqing (Licia) He is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Michigan, School of information. She researches in the HCI (Human-Computer Interaction) area to support art and creativity. Licia He believes in the beauty of randomness and rules. Passionate about programming and traditional visual art, Licia focuses on creating generative art, a domain where she can connect art and technology seamlessly. Licia starts her works by finding inspirations in geometry and natural patterns. After formulating her ideas into clear drafts, she then translates the algorithm behind the concept into code (in python and javascript), which produces infinite variations under the same rules. In her current practices, Licia selects the best compositions from these variations and executes them using a high-precision pen plotter. She regularly shares her works on her website (eyesofpanda.com) and through Instagram (@blahblahpaperblah).