Ingrid Ankerson

I think typography is magic. Each individual letter, numeral, piece of punctuation— upper and lower case, italic or bold—is a beautiful and complicated drawing. People who design these shapes (and the spaces around them), draw each one to work with the others as a unified collection. Today we have our choice of thousands of unique-looking typefaces to use in a mind-blowing number of infinite ways.


I’m interested in exploring those possibilities and in using the “old school” method of printing to do it. As a letterpress printer, I use small, metal pieces of type, traditionally used for printing books, to create shapes, textures, dimensions, and patterns. I organize each letter by hand on the bed of my press, print what’s there, move the form and print again. A single piece of paper may go through my press hundreds of time to achieve the resulting shape or pattern.

Prints Available for Purchase at ankerson.com