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About the Radial Symmetry Project

Christianne Myers

Associate Professor of Theatre & Drama

Department of Theatre & Drama 

School of Music, Theatre & Dance

University of Michigan

"As part of my Winter 2019 sabbatical, I explored the repeated patterns found in nature observing similar structures at different scales. While these patterns have been well explored and annotated in other scholarship, the inherent beauty I find in these patterns has served as my inspiration both as a theatre artist and teacher. Here, I share an exhibition featuring these patterns found in nature and how they spark creative work in a variety of disciplines, answering the question, 'How does the same prompt inspire different practices?'"

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Textile design process using bioartography​


Jade Marks is the Science Communication Manager for the University of Michigan Museum of Natural History. Through courses, workshops, and programming Jade helps researchers use their stories to build scientific literacy and cultivate lifelong learning among public audiences. Jade is trained as a biogeochemist and celebrates her own bilateral symmetry by riding a bicycle.

Dr. Jen Bauer is a Research Museum Collection Manager for the University of Michigan Museum of Paleontology. In her role she acts as a librarian of life, caring for and preserving 2 million invertebrate fossil specimens. Jen shares these fossils with a global research community  with interests ranging from understanding body shape through time to exploring ancient climates. Jen is trained as an evolutionary paleobiologist with a focus on ancient echinoderms that are bilaterally symmetrical just like her.

Faculty Advisors

Anıl Çamcı is an Assistant Professor of Performing Arts Technology at the University of Michigan. His work deals with worldmaking at the intersection of virtual reality, human-computer interaction, spatial audio and electronic music.

Website Builder/Project Assistant

Audrey Tieman is a Theatre Design & Production Major at the University of Michigan, class of 2024. She enjoys making of all kinds, and thought it a clever idea that she design a website about symmetry, asymmetrically. 


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  • Lori L. Stalteri 

  • Abhinaba Basu

  • Eva the Weaver

  • Bruce Emmerling

  • Kitty Terwolbeck

  • Mathias Appel

Endi Poskovic is a Professor at the University of Michigan School of Art and Design. Poskovic's creative practice considers a range of technologies as a way to explore certain characteristics of printed image: translation, multiplicity, seriality. Through his visual work, he seeks to construct representations that suggest broader themes of displacement, exile, memory, and reconciliation.